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Building "Zen House" 

"The monstrous machines come that will excavate, will dig the foundations, the pits nobody will ever see again. In past times, from antiquity to today, there were rituals that accompanied this occasion. In our culture, they used to slaughter a rooster on the foundations, to vouch safe stability. Although this may sound strange, buildings are not deprived of a soul. They live, breathe, are made of organic materials; like humans, they have an interior and an exterior, a body and a soul. "

completely opposed to the way houses are built today. The frame, the pillars, the beams, flagstones of reinforced concrete and, then, the filling in of the walls. The outcome is buildings with no particular character. On the contrary, all of the materials need to work together, to rise up together, with the walls participating in the effort to bear the weight. This approach does make a huge difference in the end result. 

The Team

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